New Chapter


This year, I'm going to start with a new chapter. I have deleted all my previous post in this blog. 

As Nurul Rasya said ...
So, I ask my heart and my heart wants to change. She doesn’t want to write without a purpose anymore. She wants to change all of these scraps into something better. Something that will make her proud and say ‘Yeah, I wrote these’

But I don't have to delete all my post right? It's okay.. because I want to.

I also delete my past history on my social media. So, now I'm ready to put all my social media to the public so that they can see what I wrote. I'm doing this so that I will always remind myself to write something that useful to others, and I don't want to write some useless feelings anymore. I am not a beginner in this blog world but when I remember my old post, it's really annoying me hahaha. 

Today, if you want your blog to get noticed, you need to create remarkable content. Quality beats quantity on every level. It’s better to create ONE remarkable piece in a month than to publish numerous boring articles every week. It is true in the short-term and in the long-term.

Of course, I'm struggling to write a high-quality content in my blog. But it's not easy as ABC. The quality of your writing should go up. So I just tried to write as often as I able to write. Write with whatever frequency allows me to produce great content. I hope one day, when my blog gets big and successful, then I just sit down and see what makes sense for me going forward.

But until then… Write!


  1. festime reach blog urs..and u know what..I wanna shout out loud coz I found someone yang in luv dgn GD VIP too..eheh

    1. Hahaha really :D
      Same with me here! Welcome VIP

  2. it's a brand new start for all of us :D
    Happy new year btw

  3. wow... its look like old blogger is coming out again... :D

    1. haha yes.. I am trying my best to improve in blogging.


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