Tutorial : English Dictionary and Learning List (Exactly)


Since I spent too much on blogging this few weeks, sometimes when I read other blogs most of them used English. Not all words I understand the meaning. But with this extensions, it's easier and less time for me to search in the google translate or dictionary.

Today I am going to share some tutorial how to see meaning of English words using double-click in (Exactly : English Dictionary and Learning List) as you can see at the pictures.

1. Go to Chrome Web Store and search for Exactly : English Dictionary and Learning List  
2. After that click ADD TO CHROME.  
3. Go to setting and click for extensions like the picture down below. So, the Exactly : English Dictionary and Learning List already been installed.

4. After that you can used by HIGHLIGHT the words you don't understand, RIGHT CLICK + LOOK UP IN EXACTLY.

5. The meaning of the words will appear. I used FATINA BLOG for example. Hehehe 😊

Tadaa... that's all.. fuh! 😅😆

Nurulatika Yunus


  1. This was indeed a handy apps. thanks gal! :D

  2. wow nice tips. Terus saya install lepas baca

    1. Hahaha Tips nie Alhamdulillah sgat membantu dlm penulisan English.. x juga semua betul tp at least membantu sikit jugalah hehe


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