He Is Special - Part 1

3:26 am

Tiada kisah yang teramat manis selain kisah cinta.

Source : MR Google

Whenever I catch myself
My eyes are on him
I just can't look at anyone else

I catch myself thinking about him all the time
and his face always appear in my mind
before I go to sleep

I never felt this way about anyone before
so I thought these feelings were something special
I want to know more about him and
my own feelings

I don't understand my own feelings
I want to understand them
I want to know

Maybe I'll understand if I start talking to him
I wonder if I'll find my answer

When did I start liking him?
What made me start liking him?
What made me realize he was special?

Are those questions that need to be answered logically?

When I became aware of it
I realized he'd always been special to me
I can't even compare him to anyone else

So, if you can compare someone with others
does that make them special?


  1. Hehehe ni dah terkena panahan asmara ni...

  2. Just follow ur heart.. If he is ur part of ur life, just go it. Its normal to like someone without we realize..Anyway morning :)

    1. Hahaha..morning,,
      Yes,, when you start love someone, everything changed! Haha..


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