50 Ideas For Writer's Block

2:56 pm

Writer's block is a condition, primarily associated with writing, in which an author loses the ability to produce new work, or experiences a creative slowdown. In other words, no idea want to write about but still wanted to write something hehe.

So, to get rid of this syndrome, I tried to list 50 ideas for the future blog update. 

  1. About yourself
  2. Are you right or left brain dominant?
  3. Books' review
  4. Beauty products' review
  5. Birthday party
  6. Crush
  7. Dramas' review
  8. Do It Yourself (DIY)
  9. Favourite foods or drinks
  10. Favourite colour with your personalities
  11. Fashion's tips
  12. Favourite Quote of the day.
  13. First love
  14. Hobbies
  15. How do you motivate yourself?
  16. How you spent your holiday?
  17. How you deal with emotions when you are stress?
  18. List of books in your To-Be-Read's piles.
  19. List your favourite music genre
  20. Makeup's tips
  21. Movies' review
  22. Sports that you like
  23. Tasks You Hate/Like/Often do
  24. Throwback about event/activities/pictures
  25. Top 5 favourite songs
  26. Top 5 Movie/Drama
  27. Top Recommended anime
  28. Top Recommended Games
  29. Tutorial's post
  30. Tips about study
  31. Tips business for beginner
  32. Tips about relationship
  33. Tips about friendship
  34. Tips for fresh graduate
  35. Talk about travelling
  36. University Life
  37. What do you love about yourself?
  38. What makes you love to read?
  39. Who is your favourite writer?
  40. What kind of movie genre do you like?
  41. What kind of drama genre do you like?
  42. What makes you want to blog?
  43. Why do you blog?
  44. What is your strength?
  45. What is your weakness?
  46. What type of women or men are you?
  47. Which quotes give you happiness?
  48. Your career after graduate
  49. Your favourite anime characters
  50. Your budget travel

In case you guys a lack of ideas on what are you guys going to write on your blog, I hope this posts will help you. Well, this is all I can help with because I have nothing much to share with you guys



  1. wah bnyk idea post tu.. bagus ni!

    1. hahaha .. just in case tak tahu apa nak tulis ..

  2. nice sharing, boleh kan kalau nak curik idea hihi

    1. Eh.. napa pula curi? hahaha mmg nak bagi pun .. sepa2 pun boleh ambik idea nie :)

  3. Wahhh nice ni. Tengah cari idea gak ni nak post apa. Thankss ��

    1. Hopefully membantu Jieha :D
      Thanks for visiting here too ~

  4. Banyaknyaa idea best, kita bookmark ni tau. Thank you thank you!

    1. Hahaha Welcome Mai, sy pun xda idea sebenarnya,, tue yg listkan dulu tue

  5. Syndrome ni memang sangat sinonim sangat dengan blogger kan? Hehe. Nice idea btw! :D

    1. Betul tue Ana..paling x best lahr bila kena writer block hahaha ..
      Welcome :)


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