Anime Released : Attack On Titan Season 2


Finally, anime of Attack on Titan Season Two has been released. It’s been a long time for me looking forward to this new season. All I will say it’s amazing, crazy, epic, suspends and full of tragic moments!

I only watched four episodes, however, there is a heap of questioning come out from my mind. each time I watched one episode, only a really deep breath came out. I feel alive! Hahahaha xD. 

I have waited four years since the release of Season one

I really wish next week's episode to clarify at least some of the questions I have, like why did the Beast Titan take Mike's maneuvering equipment? it isn't like he'd have any use for it. That episode was crazy! I wish they might simply sell the complete season. Therefore, I do not have to wait another week for twenty-five minutes for every episode.


  1. Replies
    1. Bagi sy mmg sgat bestlah.. hahaha x tau pula lau org lain..

  2. hi, saya datang singgah sini :)

  3. Tak jumpa senarai anime lain dalam blog ni...huhu

  4. Yg nie list anime sy hehe


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